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HTTP headers

HTTP headers allow the client and the server to pass additional information with the request or the response. A request header consists of its case-insensitive name followed by a colon ':', then by its value (without line breaks). Leading white space before the value is ignored.

Name Value
HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server Apache
Content-Type text/html
Expires Wed, 27 Sep 2017 17:30:06 GMT
Content-Language en
Etag "a58dc3362c3b708a957ca0862d865d96"
X-PAL-Host pal012.back.live.cwwtf.local:80
Content-Length 178449
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2017 17:29:49 GMT
Connection keep-alive
Set-Cookie BBC-UID=15b95c3bde10900d5b80e8eed17caad39f0d04212764a486dad0e782eeb643d00Mozilla/5.0%20(Windows%20NT%2010.0%3b%20Win64%3b%20x64)%20AppleWebKit/537.36%20(KHTML%2c%20like%20Gecko)%20Chrome/60.0.3112.113; expires=Sun, 26-Sep-21 17:29:49 GMT; path=/; domain=.bbccom
Cache-Control private, max-age=60
X-Cache-Action HIT
X-Cache-Hits 22
X-Cache-Age 43
X-LB-NoCache true
Vary X-CDN,X-BBC-Edge-Cache,Accept-Encoding

HTML <head>

The <head> element is a container for metadata (data about data) and is placed between the <html> tag and the <body> tag.

HTML metadata is data about the HTML document. Metadata is not displayed.

Metadata typically define the document title, character set, styles, links, scripts, and other meta information.

The following tags describe metadata: <title>, <style>, <meta>, <link>, <script>, and <base>.


Title contains 2 words. 14 bytes.

<meta> description

Meta description contains 22 words. 133 bytes.

<meta> keywords

Meta keywords contains 13 keywords. 84 bytes.

<meta> other (13 records found)

Name Value
Meta #1
equiv Content-Type
content text/html; charset=UTF-8
Meta #2
name viewport
content width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0
Meta #3
property fb:admins
content 100004154058350
Meta #4
property fb:page_id
content 228735667216
Meta #5
property fb:admins
content 297814326937641
Meta #6
property fb:app_id
content 187214818032936
Meta #7
property og:title
content BBC - Homepage
Meta #8
property og:type
content website
Meta #9
property og:url
content http://www.bbccom/
Meta #10
name msvalidate.01
content A09EF0BF1FC5CDBB37D921CBC3776943
Meta #11
property wwhp-edition
content international
Meta #12
name viewport
content width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0
Meta #13
property fb:pages
content 228735667216


<head> contains 1 <style> sections. Total size: 35 bytes.

<link> (16 records found)



<head> contains 26 internal script sections. Total size: 33896 bytes.


Name Value
Script #1
class js-require-lib
src http://static.bbci.co.uk/frameworks/requirejs/lib.js
Script #2
src http://static.bbci.co.uk/frameworks/barlesque/3.21.31/orb/4/script/orb/api.min.js
Script #3
src http://static.bbci.co.uk/frameworks/barlesque/3.21.31/orb/4/script/orb/font.min.js
Script #4
type text/javascript
src //nav.files.bbci.co.uk/searchbox/1.0.0-133/script/html5shiv.min.js
Script #5
src //static.bbc.co.uk/id/0.37.24/modules/idcta/dist/idcta-1.min.js
Script #6
type text/javascript
src http://static.bbci.co.uk/wwhp/1.117.0/modules/vendor/pre-built/vwo/mvt-snippet.js
Script #7
src http://static.bbci.co.uk/wwhp/1.117.0/modules/vendor/bower/modernizr/modernizr.js


<head> section doesn't contain a base section.


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